New Home Trend: Maximalism

Maximalism. It's all the rage.

In case you're confused, that's an actual headline I saw that caused me to fall to the floor laughing and then within moments feel sick to my stomach. Seriously, stop reading right now, go to Pinterest and search "maximalism". It's a far cry from yesterday's home trend. Okay, now exit Pinterest and never return. I'll preface this whole post by saying that I LOVE decor. For a significant amount of my life I truly believed that my path would be architecture/interior design and my actual path hasn't been too far from it. I've dedicated most of my life to finding the beauty in the world and creating it where it doesn't seem to be. 

I believe beauty is the fingerprint of God, and it's my job to make it known.

                *enter split personality*


I'll totally admit that I own a lot of things. I've moved six times in the past three years, and each time I purged and purged and purged. I've reduced my closet and my belongings more than you could imagine and I still own a lot of things. It's the type of person I am, and to be honest, it's always been an insecurity of mine. Especially living in Portland, the minimalist city. The less you own, the cooler you are, the more friends you have, and the deeper your Instagram fame runs. Portlanders indulge in food and drink and concerts and sex, not owning things. I've always been a little bit nervous before friends come over that they'll be shocked at how not cool I am. I even tried (for a few months) the minimalist look in my bedroom and it was DEPRESSING.

I need color in my life. I need texture in my life. I need things that remind me of the people and places I love. Who are these serial-killers with white walls and no belongings? Are they living life on the run? Constantly prepared to pack up and evade arrest? I seriously don't get it.

Little did I know that Summer 2017, I would be cool again

See, the consumerist world was waiting for every last millennial to get rid of every last belonging and suddenly realize they don't have a couch to sit on or pan to cook with, THEN STRIKE. You wanna be cool? All you need is a bunch of things. It kind of doesn't matter what they are because it's all about overloading and distracting the eye. But then again, if you really want to be cool, you'll collect them in your travels. You're gonna need to load that passport with stamps if you're gonna get enough things to fill your house (we recommend an airline mileage credit card). Don't forget to bring home trinkets for your friends or they'll think you don't care about them. And if you want to be extra cool, you'll need large scale photographs of the places you go, so you'll need to buy a VERY nice camera. And we all spiral back down into the pit of "needs" for the next 10 years until we get an email titled "New Home Trend: Minimalism!" and start emptying our lives of our collections once again.


Keep doing your thing!

If an empty home makes you feel serene and peaceful, BY ALL MEANS, carry on with your sterile, serial killer ways.

If you don't like to know the true color of your walls, cover them with all the beautiful garbage you can find.

You don't need anyone to tell you how to decorate. You have it in you. Be free.

xo, Bruk