It happens. God gives vision and then suddenly, all of life is dedicated to seeing that vision realized. Whether things come together quickly, without a hitch, or after years of hard work and planting seeds, nothing matches the emotional hell that is starting a business.

When the idea hits you, it's like nothing you've ever seen or heard of. It's genius. It's revolutionary. IT'S GONNA CHANGE LIVES. Right up until the next day, when that exact product suddenly finds its way into the sidebar ads on Facebook or Google (seriously, they hear us talking, there's no other way) and you delve head first into a pool of your product so deep that you may never make it back to the surface. 

Then come the doubts.

"I know God gave me this, but there's so much like it out there. It's not original at all. What am I supposed to do with this? Maybe it wasn't God? Maybe it was just an idea I really liked and projected onto God? Maybe He actually wants me to stop with this creative stuff and get a real job? Am I being irresponsible? Am I letting God down? NO! He made me this way! He doesn't want to squelch it! He's going to make a way! As long as I'm responsible with it and steward it well. But am I being responsible with it? What does steward mean? Does God even want me to do this? SHOULD I GET A REAL JOB?"

You guys, that's four seconds of thoughts right there. On a good day. Usually I'm somehow thinking all those things at once. Needless to say, the toll it takes on the mind is pretty taxing. I went through all of this when I started my jewelry business in 2011. It's never been my main source of income and I never really expected it to be, but it's certainly caused its fair share of grief. 

It was also right around that time that God gave me a vision for something bigger. As I worked through logistics and finances and all the things, I realized it was a long term goal. I planned to start this business by the time I turned 30 and every year it seemed a little less likely. With each passing season God added something to the mix. Something I didn't entirely understand or wrap my brain around. Something completely impractical and not possible. I worked everywhere from boutiques to offices, restaurants to schools, Oregon to Uganda to Portland. And God was dropping little pins all over the place. 

Finally, while living in Portland, working at my 'dream job', and growing dangerously close to 30, it all came together. God restored areas of my heart and mind I didn't know were broken, and landed me nearly back to where I started in 2011 - with an idea, and a super talented best friend. She's wildly creative and constantly pushes the boundaries of my brain. AND SHE'S ON BOARD.

We picked up talks of a business again in very vague terms. A lot of "ifs" and "maybes", that quickly turned into "whens" and "hows". We both knew if there was a time to try, this was it. I left Portland, moved to Lebanon, and she started teaching me her ways. We each brought our ideas to the table and while they matched perfectly, we both went in with a bit of trepidation. There was a whole new layer of doubt. As sure as we were, our life work would now be tied to another person. The facade of control that we once had is out the window, and that's pretty dang terrifying. We're both scared to be the weak link. Both scared the other is the weak link. AND THANK GOD FOR GOD, BECAUSE SERIOUSLY, WE ARE BOTH THE WEAK LINK.

As we've been living and working together for two months now, our insecurities have come out in all sorts of messy ways, but with it comes new opportunities to know each other. Love each other. Encourage each other. Work together. And for God to fill in the gaps. This season of life is already one of the scariest, most exhilarating, and full seasons I've had.

SO! Phase 1 rolls out in ONE WEEK! Our Instagram Shop launches August 10!!! We'll post videos explaining more of our vision for our brand and have a couple of giveaways as well. Stay tuned to learn more and start following on Instagram and Facebook now to stay up to date! We can't wait to take you on this journey!

xo, Bruk


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