Not Unworthy

Okay guys, I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with a fiery passion and something I’ve got to tell you alllll about. Get ready, because this won’t be the tiniest bit funny. I’ve done nothing awkward and I haven’t been hit on for like 24 months, so this is not the story you want. But trust me, it’s the story you need.


At the beginning of this week I heard a beautiful teaching all about God’s grace and His love for us. It was packed full of so much truth that I’ve been meditating on all week, but the part that’s been burrowing deep inside is something God’s been working in me for a few years now. The way He sees me and the way I see myself. Essentially, the idea of grace that has found its way around the church and taught us all the lie that we don’t deserve God. That we don’t deserve love. That we don’t deserve anything. We’ve accepted this running and reductive definition of grace as “unmerited favor”, and whether intentional or not, focused a whole lot on that word “unmerited”. It weaves through sermons, through hymns, through some of our best worship songs… “I couldn’t earn it”. Yeah, for sure. “I don’t deserve it.” 100% false. It’s a lie, you guys! It’s easy to believe for a bunch of reasons.

  1. It’s self focused.

  2. It’s self depricating.

  3. It’s everywhere.

If you’re feeling the urge to fight me right now, I get it. I used to feel it too. But here’s the thing. Your fight isn’t with me, it’s with LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Because here’s the other thing. He says you deserve it. He says you’re worthy. And I ain’t about to come at God like that. The idea that we’re gross and untouchable is SUPER HUMAN. It’s easier to believe than what God says because it’s a comfort we’ve known our whole lives. It’s the way we see people that hurt us. It’s the way we see people that don’t know Him. That is, until we gain His heart. And once we have that… holy smokes… everything changes. Because His way is higher. His way is pure. His way is love. He doesn’t give us grace “because we sin” or “even though we sinned”. He gives grace because He loves. Because He sees our created value and has never forgotten it.

So here’s the deal. I believed this lie for way too long. And it traps you. In false humility. In bondage. In a broken relationship with God. And I know I have such a tiny platform, but I want to use what I’ve got to expose and destroy the lie in my circle. Ladies! (And few gentleman that’ll read this.) Let’s work through this together! If you know Jesus and you’ve struggled with this, but overcome it, share your story! If you know Jesus and you’re still struggling, or this idea is totally foreign to you, let’s talk it through! If you don’t know Jesus and this is a hang up for you, please know that it’s not truth. It’s not God’s heart toward you and all He wants is for you to know that He created you for love. Let’s chat.

It might seem silly or not worth sharing, but don’t get caught up in any more silly lies. I’ve created a hashtag for us to talk about this. To share our stories and encourage one another in TRUTH and LOVE. Let’s open up our hearts and change our minds about the way God sees us.


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