Rist Home Makeover

Hello, hello! I'm so excited and proud of what I get to share with you all today!! Get ready for a super photo saturated blog, because I finally get to share the before and after photos of my first interior design job! I have loved every minute of this project and it really turned out so perfectly!

The sweet couple that I worked with on this project had just moved in and had basically no furniture and few expectations. They have a baby on the way, a huge family, and wanted the three main spaces to flow together, but have very different vibes. We definitely accomplished a home with tons of seating for that family, very defined, baby-friendly spaces, and the eclectic vibe Alexis hoped for.

Starting with the entry way, Alexis wanted a more formal seating area that was still kid-friendly and comfortable. Her vision was for an old library feel, but also being the darkest room downstairs, wanted furniture pieces that brightened up the space. We designed the room around two pieces she already had (the green library cabinet and large floral print in the center of the wall gallery), and from there, the room came together perfectly!

For every room we did A LOT of searching/thrifting/Portland trips to find all the little details, and there's still a few left to find, but it was oh-so-worth the hunt to find pieces that fit together so well!

Up next is the largest space and we had approximately 17,000 ideas for what to do with it, but in the end, the room told us exactly what it wanted to be one sunny afternoon. The windows and light in this place are just incredible and inspired a bright, cozy living space and sunroom/office. Tim's main asks were for a sectional and a cozy chair to relax after a long day of work. Alexis needed a space for homework and knew that a sunny, plant filled room would be a place she could spend those long hours without getting burnt out. The result is absolutely beautiful!

Getting the exact angles for before and after was tough, but I'll share a lot so you're hopefully able to get a good feel of the space!   

The sun room holds one of my favorite pieces of furniture that I've ever refinished! It was a big project, but I absolutely LOVE the outcome! I shared a bit of the refurbishing project in my Instagram highlights, so if you're ever curious about my process feel free to take a look!

And last, but definitely not least, is one of my favorite little spaces, the dining nook. After a lot of deliberation, Tim and Alexis decided that a full dining table just wasn't right for them. With such a big family, there's really no way to make a table that accommodates everyone, and that's the only time they'd use such a formal space. Instead, they opted for a cozier daily eating space, and a fun Middle Eastern inspired table setup in the sunroom for intimate dinner parties.

The beautiful window and light in this room gave us a lot of leeway to pull in some darker colors and I really think this came together so well! Alexis had this distressed craft table that fit the room perfectly, and a few small touches like changing the pendant light and painting the window sill made such a big difference. We also hired Kala Noel to do this gorgeous sunflower painting that really brings everything together.

And for the dinner parties, we tested out the space with a little celebratory feast and I fully approve. This home has some beautiful moments just waiting to happen!

Alright, that's it! Please, please, please, if you or someone you know need help with an interior redesign, shoot me an email! I'd love for this to become a regular occurrence.

xo, Bruk

P.S. Thanks so much to Kala Noel for photographing this home!