Home Sweet Apartment

Is it too soon for more interior design photos?? I hope not, but I also really don't care. I'm finally wrapping up renovations on my teeny tiny apartment (just in time to move out), and I love how it's come together! Allow me to share this panoramic iPhone photo so you understand how incredibly small this place is AND can wrap your mind around the layout, because it's weird.


I actually love how teensy and cozy this little space is. I grew up in smaller homes and I've always felt so much more at ease in a small space than a big, cavernous one. Full disclosure, this apartment has another room that's slightly smaller than this one, but I opted to use it as a guest room/closet/storage for WELCOME products, fabrics, supplies, etc. and keep my living space to one half of the apartment.

I'll spare you all the gory details of what this place once looked like, BUT I took photos of the process as I cleaned it up and, HOLY SMOKES, it's a transformation. 

In case you missed that... here's a before and after...

One of my favorite things about this project was that almost everything I used for the remodel was free. The one and only thing that I spent money on was paint for the new cabinets!! Everything else was found on the property where I live or a corner somewhere. Because of that, I didn't replace appliances (hence what we'll the 'retro' look), and not everything is *exactly* as I would've done it if I were putting the money in. But I love it anyway. In fact, it makes it all the more special.

Obviously, it's a sorry excuse for a kitchen, and as you can see, I've got way more dishes than probably any other single girl you've ever known, so creating space was a challenge. The night I moved in I had this idea to use the hutch as a pantry, right in the middle of the room, and it seemed crazy but I HAD to try it. It turned out to be the best idea I've had for this little space! It created a small seating area for company or reading, and so much more space for dry goods and dishes!

One of my favorite corners is this wall filled with art made by so many of my close friends. I didn't want to attempt spreading these pieces throughout the room and finding space for everything, so I opted for one concentrated corner, and I really love the outcome. Each piece reminds me of someone or somewhere that I love dearly, and it's such a special thing to wake up to every morning. Plus, the opposite white wall makes it feel so open, clean, and airy.

So. There you have it! The tiny place I've been calling home for the past six months! It's come a long, long way, and I'm so glad I had the chance to capture it's potential and bring it to life. Shoutout to Kala Noel for, once again, capturing these photos, and for the many nights she fed me and cared for my sweet pupper while I labored away. I'll leave you with these cute photos of Rockwell!

xo, Bruk