Cozy Patio Makeover

Alright friends, as we get settled in I'll be here to share more photos of our BEAUTIFUL home (seriously we have no business living here), but for today I'm sharing a little space that's been calling my name since the day I moved in. There's a perfect little raised bed garden that's totally out of control, but won't be for long. It was a little dusty and forgotten, but with the smallest effort, it's a cozy spot for us to hang outside in the evenings and I love it!

This was such an easy fix for this space to create something that's functional for outdoor entertaining. In the future I'd love to add more seating, more pillows, more everything! But for today, it's itching all the right spots. Color, texture, and cozyyyy. All it took was a couple throw blankets, a few pillows, and the perfect coffee table. (We have three of them between us, so this also helped us get a little creative with placement.) A rug, plant, and citronella candle topped it all off and we're ready for those perfect Southern California evenings outside.

If you want to see the full process, I posted a little video on IG TV! Is that a thing people like? I don't know if I get it. 

xo, Bruk