It's the day I get to share my beautiful new room with you, and I love it, I love it, I love it. I did not immediately love it, and I'd like to make this whole post about the importance of not painting your rental walls dark colors, but I'll save you all the rant and say this. If you live in a rental and you paint your walls a dark or crazy color, do the next tenant a favor and hide all the evidence. It took four days, three coats of primer and two coats of white paint to cover the dark blue dungeons walls, but oh my heavens, it was so worth it.

The first time I walked into my brand new bedroom I was genuinely concerned about whether my bed would fit in it or not. I started racking my brain for a solution and it suddenly hit me... all I needed to do to fit all my furniture inside was paint. And YOU GUYS. It worked. My bedroom is now bright and beautiful and I'm in love. For a couple of years now I've been wanting green to be more present in my room and I've thought of all sorts of ways to make it happen (painting my bed frame, a new rug, bedding), but alas, I found the perfect solution. A tiny can of paint in storage that was exactly enough to cover one wall. So after coats and coats and coats and coats and three more coats of white paint on all the walls, I added the green, and my room is now so cozy and warm and just truly lovely to be in.

I love small spaces, and even while our entire home feels like such retreat, this is my own little world that feels different and like me. I added some of my favorite art pieces, a few personal things from traveling, and a sheer white curtain because I love waking up to natural light. Rockwell is FINALLY getting cozy on the bed again (after being spoiled on Grace and Kam's), and this place is really starting to feel like home.